Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey there!

Ok, so it' been over 6 months since I stopped in.
So let's get updated here.
Here's the family! Little Berk is now 7 months old, trying to pull herself up, loves standing (with help), loves "chasing" the dogs, and she makes us smile constantly. Talk about being in love!

Look at this cute family! Matt, Val & Berkley.

Here's Jeff and his sweet Danielle.

And here's Annie and her Michael. Michael leaves on his LDS Mission in October, he's going to the Belgium Brussells/Northern France Mission!

We'll all be waiting with open arms when he gets back in 2011!

I decided that SUMMER 2009 would be a summer of crafts, and after whipping up some nice crocheted blankets, I decided to get online and figure out how to fix my sewing machines. They've been out of whack for years. I am happy to report I got one running pretty well, and now I can't stop sewing - - quilting mainly. I've made about 6 quilt tops this summer, and started the machine quilting on one. Here are a few pics:

And now I am once again TOTALLY obsessed with cutting up fabric and sewing it back together. It's been way too long, and I've missed it.
OK. That's my quick post for the day. I can finally check "UPDATE BLOG" from my list. :)


  1. LOVE that you are updating Di! cute, cute pictures of your sweet family and YOU KNOW I LOVE seeing all your sewing projects!

  2. Dianne! I've missed your blogging. Thanks for the update. I'm glad you're quilting! You were born to do it! I'm laughing about the "cutting fabric up and sewing it back together". I think maybe I'll have a fall of crafts. I need it! Love ya tons!

  3. Hello Dianne!!! I just found out you are also a blogger snooping through Stefani's blog. I am so happy to be able to keep in touch this way. So you know I am an official reader of yours as well. WOW!! Incredible how time goes by!! Jeffrey 22!!! Happy Birthday to him!!
    Mine is
    Hugs and kisses from MH to all the Dahlin's!